Elliot and his team are a great team of specialists that I have used to help with Trademark / Patent work. They come from a business perspective vs just a legal perspective. He cares, treats things like they are his own, has a deep understanding of what it is like to be a start up, and gives a good value for the money. They are easy to work with, make themselves accessible to their clients at all hours day or night, which truly makes them responsive to their clients. I would recommend them to anyone and have continued to use him in my most recent start up and will look to him for ongoing advice and support in the future as well.

- Tony Weiss, Entrepreneur and Investor, formerly President and CEO of CompUSA, and VP at Dell

When applying for a patent success is measured in increments over a long period of time and therefore consistency, integrity, creativity and an immense understanding of the process are pivotal to the process. Elliot is not only a pleasure to work with, but has thus far personified those characteristics. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking patent assistance.

- Jonathan Blitt, Chief Executive Officer of  WORLDSiMOBILE, Inc

*Whenever* I need advice or services related to intellectual property and the protection thereof, Elliot is the *only* person to whom I turn. In the entirety of my legal career – the last 10 years of which have dealt with the Internet and intellectual property – I have never met any intellectual property professional who is *more* on the ball, and more concerned with doing the right thing *by his clients* than is Elliot. (If only the PTO were as on the ball!)

I have referred many people to Elliot, and I will continue to do so. Elliot is my go-to person for these matters, and deservedly so.

- Anne P. Mitchell, Esq
CEO/President, Institute for Social Internet Public Policy
Member, California Bar Cyberspace Law Committee
Professor of Law, Lincoln Law School of SJ

In a couple of years that we have worked together, Elliot has helped us put together a coherent, well thought-out IP strategy. He quickly made sense of our particular ecosystem, and through numerous provisional and utility patents has proven an utter pleasure to work with. Between serious intellectual firepower and fast turnaround, I couldn’t imagine a better working relationship.

- Ilya Druzhnikov, Founder of  ConnectAndSell

Elliot’s an obsessive. That may have worried his parents when he was growing up. But it also makes him the most thorough patent attorney I know.

- Nick Denton, President and CEO of  Gawker Media

It’s rare that you look forward to a meeting with your patent attorney, but Elliot is a pleasure to work with. Diligent, detail-oriented, manages the process well, and makes the drafting process as lightweight as possible for the inventors. For a startup, finding time to invest in patent filings is always a challenge, so we needed an attorney who truly does the heavy lifting (I’ve worked w/ patent attorneys who toss back portions of the writing and illustration back to the inventors.) Elliot really does make the process a breeze.

- Upendra Shardanand, CEO & Founder of Daylife

Elliot is a pleasure to deal with and approaches business with an eye towards the client. He is meticulous and provides valid information thus building the internal commitment and freedom of choice that clients need to make a proper decision.

- Sam Kades, CEO & President at Saleseek Partners Inc.

Great Results, Expert, On Time.

- Rick Wasserman, President of  Pinnacle Technology Group, Inc

I have worked with Elliot on one patent filing and continue to work with him on others. I really do enjoy meeting with and talking to Elliot, no matter what the topic. It could be for the current project we are working on or for other ideas. An inventor always has ideas and Elliot is always accessible, willing to listen and offer his advice. He does an amazing job of transforming your ideas based on ordinary conversations and simple write ups into a patent filling. I would highly recommend Elliot to anyone that has an idea they think they may want to patent.

- Jared Brody, Founder of re:ignite

patentauthority.com was retained to conduct a Freedom to Operate analysis for a client, and Elliot produced a clear, concise, and well-written opinion. He conducted himself professionally, responded quickly to all inquiries, and fulfilled his obligation on time. He will definitely be considered for future projects.

- Craig Ortega, Program Manager at Rocket Ventures, Regional Growth Partnership

Elliot is knowledgeable, intelligent, experienced at all phases of patent prosecution, and conscientious. He is particularly good at communicating with inventors, engineers, and business executives. He consistently meets schedule commitments. Plus, he is easy to work with and has a fine sense of humor. What more could one ask for?

- Lois Matelan, Attorney

Elliot has been helping us in the field for several years. He has been an utter pleasure to work with and has demonstrated an inordinate amount of patience with scatterbrained founders.

- Silicon Valley Entrepreneur