Work Samples

Newsmaker verification and commenting method and system (FH)

Handheld utility asset mapping device

Method and system for contacting a prospect or requestor immediately after a request for product information

Baby seat sling for suspending a baby seat from a structure

Method and apparatus for anchoring bone screws and injecting many types of high viscosity materials in areas surrounding bone (FH)

Method and system for saving money with a group of mobile devices

Method and system for monitoring online media and dynamically charting the results to facilitate human pattern detection

Clothing with detachable symbols

Method and system for selling or promoting a product online

Method and system for reducing a perceived call transfer delay between a target and a talker

Method for prevention and treatment of reflux injury in the aerodigestive tract and laryngopharynx caused by pepsin

Wireless utility asset mapping device method

Apparatus for dispensing a powdered composition into the aerodigestive tract

System and method for repaying an obligation

Method and system for recommending a product over a computer network

Method and system for wireless tracking of utility assets

Trace evidence collection method

Aesthetic and protective case

Method for preventing lottery ticket theft

Integrated child car seat

Anti-theft lottery ticket and methods

Ambiguous entity disambiguation method

Case with integrated accessory holder

Method for creating a disambiguation database

Cell phone case with headset holder

System and method for online product promotion

Dispensing container for flowable materials

Determining and displaying the geographic location of articles

Umbrella and leash

Cell phone case with headset holder

Transfer of live calls

Slanted Box

Method and apparatus for aggregating power from multiple sources

Universal broadband server system and method

Computer Processor Pipeline with Shadow Registers for Context Switching, and Method

Method and System for Generating a Skill Sheet

Solar Bag with Internal Battery

Enhanced dead reckoning method

Methods for Communicating Between Elements in a Hierarchical Floating Car Data Network

Physical Layer Router System and Method

Hierarchical floating car data network

Faster Modem Method and Apparatus

Enforceable Spam Identification and Reduction System, and Method Thereof

Method and System for Oversubscribing a Pool of Modems

Packet Matching Method and System

Method and system for oversubscribing a DSL modem

Enhanced Mobile Communication Device, and Transportation Application Thereof

Enhanced mobile communication device with extended radio, and applications