Oct 28 is the Last Day to Block Registration of Your Trademark as a .XXX Domain Name

XXX Top Level DomainOwners of registered trademarks have until October 28 to reserve names in order to ensure that they are not registered as .XXX domain names.  The .XXX top level domain is intended for use by the adult entertainment industry (i.e. porn websites).

You can secure a block through any .XXX Accredited Registrar.  The block, referred to as Sunrise B, costs around $200 per qualifying mark and lasts 10 years.  The application does not result in a domain registration.  Rather it creates a block to prevent a third party from registering your trademarked name as a .XXX domain.

For example, The  Coca-Cola Company owns the registered trademark Coca-Cola; a block prevents a third party from registering the domain name Coca-Cola.XXX (for example, for a porn site or with the intention of profiting by selling Coca-Cola.XXX back to The Coca-Cola Company).

In order to qualify for Sunrise B, the trademark must have been registered prior to September 1, 2011, and the following must be supplied to the registrar during registration:

  • Federally Trademarked Name.
  • Trademark Registration Number: The registration number for your trademark (not your application number).
  • Nation Code: The country where your trademark was registered.
  • Trademark Registration Date: The date your trademark was registered.
  • Trademark Ownership.

Members of the Adult Sponsored Community can file “Landrush Applications” from November 8th through November 25th.  General availability pre-registration begins on December 6 for members of the Adult Sponsored Community.