Representative Clients

A sample of companies we have worked with over the years:

AE Exports

Affinity Solutions

Ascent Real Estate Advisors, LLC

Attentio SA/NV



ConnectAndSell, Inc.

CUES, Inc.

D’Addario & Co.

Daylife, Inc.

FastCustomer Inc.

Focus Fitness of the Main Line

Gawker Media

GroupMe, Inc.

K2 Media Labs

Maizteca Foods, Inc.

On Deck Capital, Inc.

Privatext Inc.

ShoutOut Clothing

Sonar Media Inc.

Summit Performance Group

SweetWater Health

T-Monkey Company

Tracks Media Inc.

Tree Nut Organic LLC

Vli Limited

Voltaic Systems Inc.

Work Market, Inc.


ZyDoc Medical Transcription